March 7, 2019 Nick Bnns

10 Little Secrets You Probably Never Heard About Me

It’s safe to say it will be a sensational read for you

Alright I guess it is my turn.
When Sapir Lala nominated me, a month ago, I wondered what in my life would be worth writing for you to read.

I share a lot on my social medias the things happening in my life.

Like the day I got fired, the day I decided to travel the world for a year, the day I reached the half millions euros in sales in only 5 months or even the day I lost my dad to cancer.

I did not want to tell you stuff like my cat’s name is Bob, first because I don’t have a cat and second because, well, who cares.

Today, I got nominated once again by Jessica Nicasio so I guess it’s time to get to work.

1. I grew up with an abusive alcoholic step father

Summer 1991, I was close to turn 6, my mom arrived with a new man and told me, we are now going to live with this guy.
Loïc was a very loving and caring person, at first.

Until about my 12 years old, I’ve never really realized how much of a manipulator he was. Nor did my mom.
But when he went to his first rehab after beating me up in the streets, things clearly changed.
After the second rehab and the day he tried to stab me when I was about 16, my mom decided it was time for us to move out.

h2>2. Loïc died committing suicide

In January 2008, while visiting Paris (I was living in London at the time) and my mom, I hear the news.
The man who raised me the major part of my child hood decided to take his life, laying down on train tracks.

Quite ironical since he was working for the regional rail services.

3. Cats were my only phobia

Long story short, when I was a kid, about 6, we were visiting Loïc’s sister and she had a cat.
Guizmo is name was. Guizmo was a real piece of s***.

He was jumping and making his claws on me as often as he could.

Few times I came back with scars, I hated to go there and hated the cat.

It made me scared of cats for a good 20 years, until I went to Thailand and got into a tiger cage.

I wouldn’t do it again, not because I almost cried but mostly because I’m not so sure on how they treat the animals over there.

Still, now cats are just pussies to me.

4. My mom and I once did not meet or talk for more than 3 years

I don’t think I need to extend myself so much on the subject, but with my youth, you can understand my mom and I did not always got along.

Since I’ve started to work in coaching and therapy, I’ve decided to apply some principles first on me.

Forgiveness being one of them.

So my mom and I are not having decent communication, especially since my dad passed away 5 months ago.

5. I have been thrown out of the school I was passing my BTEC Higher National Diploma

After graduating from high school, I decided I wanted to study tourism.
I signed up for a higher National Diploma in Local Tourism Animation and Management (Animation et Gestion Touristiques Locales).

I soon realized how the system was not well designed and how badly orientated I was.

I was the students representative and I decided to take a stand against the administration.

I told them what I thought of them and quitted. They answered back by throwing me out of school.

In the end, it seemed we all wanted the same thing.

6. I have done 3 “First year” at Uni

After being evicted from the school I just mentioned, I turned toward the Universitarian scholar system.

I wanted to learn languages so I signed up in Applied Foreign Languages, learning English and Italian.

The first year, I had a day job, I learned how to drive and tried to study at university at the same time. Obviously did not work out well.

The second year, I started it all again. I had not clue I had already passed more than half my courses the previous year, so I did not needed to attend if ever I had validated them. I failed to pass in year 2 because I was only missing one material in the first semester and two in the second.

The third year, after 2 months in, I quit to start my life and left to London, U.K..

He did not pursue his studies, but his studies most certainly pursued him.

7. I drank Coke 30 meters deep into the ocean

I mean, I have shared some pretty intense things there and I want to keep some for the 3 next ones. So here is a cool one.

While passing my diving certification, the dive masters behind me were having fun and drinking Coke while sitting at 30 meters deep.
I had to try too.

8. I have never smoked anything in my life

I am exposing my boring side but having my both parents smokers really vaccinated me.

I have never smoked cigarettes. I have never smoked weed. I have never smoked cigars.

Actually I have smoked shisha/hookah/narguile or how ever you write that down, a few times, because my best friend loves it and don’t want to smoke it alone.
But to be honest, I’m not a huge fan.
It actually gives me headaches.

9. I was first witness in a murder case

To put things into perspective, I was living in a VERY bad neighborhood.

There was riots every trimester in my middle school, gang fights between cities and within the city between different areas.

I even once almost got into an accident because a student was punching the bus driver to go to school while this one was driving.

I don’t remember how old I was when the murder happened, but I guess I was maybe around 10/12 years old since I was still going to middle school.

One day I was doing my groceries, in the middle of the day, just down my house, an argument between 3 fellas took place.

This argument quickly turned into a fight.

It ended up by two of the men deadly stabbing into the heart the third guy, in broad day light.

Since I was under 16, I did not have to testify in court but I did have to do the thingy with the numbers behind the mirrors.

10. My last name is BONNASSIES

Many people don’t know my real name and I find the mystery quite entertaining.
I’m really proud of my name, I’m just cautious on the way I use it exactly for this reason.

When I was a kid at school, no one could pronounce it and even less write it.

I always had to mention my name needed 2 Ns, this is why today I use BNNS.

There you go, I hope you have been surprised reading this.

I have not talked about many of those in a while.

I really wanted to share in case someone reads this and feels like he/she needs to talk to somebody about it.

Many hard things happen to us and we sadly hide them instead of living with it and being proud of them.

My youth made me who I am and most certainly made you who you are, and you are beautiful.

I love you!

So it appears I should now give the tasks to some of my friends on here.

Well, Thomas Despin, I really want to read about you and you love to write so get it done baby.

Nate Miller, I want to know if you are loish or if you have a hidden profile 🤣.

Don Feazelle, cause all your posts are intriguing me.

Mateja Klaric, cause I don’t want to be alone on medium.

Tim Ferriss, since we can name anybody, why not you? I remember, in one of your book, you asked your students to talk to the most influent person they know. So, hey, if you read this, I’d love to read 10 things people don’t know about you.

I want to push my friends Jonathan, Kevin and Sandra to write more as well, so why not starting with this?

To motivate y’all and make sure everybody stayed til the end, I’ll drop a secret.

11. My girlfriend name is Sapir

I started this article by saying I’m sharing a lot my personal life.

Tho, I make a point to not talk about my intimate life.

To me intimacy needs to stay private so I often keep a low profile on it.

Not that I want people to wonder about it. I just don’t want to talk about it. Leave myself a safe place, somewhere I can come back to without being intruded.

If you read this, have not been mentioned and still want to do it, feel free to write it down and tag me somewhere so I get a chance to read it.

Let’s get things done.

3, 2, 1… ACTION!

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