September 24, 2018 Nick Bnns

Don’t be Ashamed to Not have Faith, Be Sure God Believes in You

Forgive me, He will too.

I love to answer to people asking if I’m religious: “I don’t believe in God but I’m sure He believes in me.”
Before I get burned on the cross, I’m not going into a debate whether or not God exists.
That’s not the place, not the time, and really, I don’t care.
I have no problem with religion.
I have been baptized as a Catholic, my girlfriend is Jewish, I have plenty Muslim friends and I’m looking into Buddhism.
So what is my purpose?

“Well, first to make people understand they should back off with personal questions.
Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment.”
- Lao Tzu

Secondly, do not judge me for what I believe and what I don’t.
If I don’t believe in God but believe in ghosts, does that makes me a weirdo?
I don’t believe in ghosts anyways.
Let me correct this. It is not that I believe in ghosts or not.
But like God, I don’t care. You shouldn’t either.
I mean, if ghosts existed what will you do about it anyways? Will it really impact your way of living? Probably not, because you can not see them.
Well the same goes with God.

Faith in God is beautiful. But faith in yourself is a necessity.

I understand the need many people have to believe in something higher.
It is actually very understandable when you know Maslow’s needs hierarchy.
The very top one is the higher purpose, the creativity.
It goes the same with the Neuro-Linguistic Programming hierarchy.
At the top, you have spirituality.


Men need guidance.
Have you ever seen a country without a ruler, a company without a CEO, a team without a captain?
Never, or never anything that worked.
But when your king, your president or yourself isn’t good enough, who else could help you? God will.
Sure he will, but what about you?
whether or not God exists, you do.
If He exists, he created you for a purpose.
Are you not curious to find out which one?
If He doesn’t, well you are here anyways, so there must be a reason because there was a good trillion chances for you to never be born.


In NLP, we learn about focusing more on the solution than the problem.
Why do you care so much about ghosts, vampires, aliens, God when you have yourself to care about?
Believe in yourself first. We all do.
He does too, even if you do not care about him.
So don’t hide behind prayers. Get to work. Get things done. It’s time.

3, 2, 1… ACTION!

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