March 7, 2019 Nick Bnns

Money Won’t Help You Get Rich

But your network will!

You may or may not have read my article on how I made over $750.000 in sales with my drop-shipping business.

To many, it is a way to call oneself successful.

I have seen many people on social media selling courses on how creating a profitable e-commerce business.

The best example might be Tai Lopez with his famous video Here in my garage recording himself with books and a Lamborghini.

You may have wondered yourself how to make money, a lot of money, so you could afford to do more things such as traveling maybe.

I have been asked a lot this question since I posted the article about my adventure in drop-shipping.

To be honest, I have learned everything I could on Facebook groups such as Ecom Empires, reading posts of people sharing their experiences and by taking actions.

Today, if you want to make money, you just have to find something that works in one market and apply it to an other market.

It is very likely to be working.

I mean, look at Uber. It is huge.

Well in Paris, you can also use Heetch, in Bogota, you can find Cabify.

Making money is not easy but it is not that hard at all either.

Making money is easy. The difficult thing in life is not making it, it’s keeping it.

— John McAfee

So why do I say money won’t help you get rich?

Well, exactly as I mentioned it, all I have learned came for free.

I have seen hundreds of people spending thousands of dollars to learn things you can find online for free, and still not getting any success out of it.

To this date if I have made it myself it is most certainly because I have met my business partner at the time, Thomas Despin.

To this date if I have made it myself it is most certainly because I have spend incredible amount of hours in Ecom Empires reading posts.

When Thomas and I stopped drop-shipping and wanted to create the first Ecom Villa in Bali, again we had the chance to connect with Nick Peroni, the founder of Ecom Empires which considerably boost our enterprise.

Without Ecom Empires, I would very likely not have the same success in drop-shipping.

Without Nick Peroni, we would very likely not have the same success with the Ecom Villa.

Without Thomas, I would have never hardly had anything.

Why is it you think all billionaires are brunching together?

Because having a powerful network will bring you further than having deep pockets.

There are things you will never be able to afford but knowing the right person could help you get it.

For instance, if you needed to get into a country but your passport wouldn’t allow it. You could try to spend millions and still not get in.

Tho, if you knew the president of the country, you would very likely get in without spending a dime.

I mean, have you never seen this person getting hired because he was the kid of somebody important within the company?

I personally have traveled for many years and I have often been hosted by friends.

In America, in Argentina, in Indonesia, in Australia, I have always had a friend kind enough to host me.

You can be broke if you know the right people, but you can not afford to be wealthy and not knowing anyone.

You don’t need money to travel. Sorry to be a myth-buster.

I have seen people traveling for years without spending any money, by getting a job on a cruise for instance.

I even heard of the story of a chef trading food and accommodation against his cooking skills.

So many apps are created today for us to network. Isn’t it what social medias is for in the first place?

Today, we are so self centered, we don’t even realize how others can help us.

The most valuable thing you could ever afford in business is the right network.

You can never buy a friendship.

But there are many ways to grow your network.

  • You could be part of an association.
  • You could join a Facebook group or a meet-up group.
  • You could participate to events and masterminds.

There is a saying I particularly appreciate and you should consider remember:

Everyone you’ll ever meet knows something you don’t.

— Bill Nye

Of course you can try learning by yourself and be the greatest.

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are the greatest without discussions.

Tho you never have seen them win the FIFA World Cup.

The richest people in the world look for and build NETWORKS. Everyone else looks for work.

— Robert Kiyosaki

So why are you so focused about your wallet?

Go work on your network! That’s what I’m doing…

3, 2, 1… ACTION!

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