March 7, 2019 Nick Bnns

What Is The Unfollow Revolution?

Beside being a revolution of Unfollow

Unfollow revolution is a concept.

It is a concept where you create your own set of rules.

Create your own path.

You share your path to the community.

By doing so, you open another world of opportunities.

When I first did my half million euros in sales and talked about it, EVERYBODY around me asked me how to do the same.

I understand where they are coming from.

But I do not accept it.

What works for me will not necessarily work for you.

I like really spicy food, do you?

In business, it is the same.

The only way to be successful is to get inspired by someone who matches your values and ambitions.

And then to adapt it to your personality.

Look at the richest people on earth.

They all do something very different from one to another.

Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson.

Three billionaires, three distinct success stories.

This is why I created the Unfollow Revolution.

I want people to think out of the box.

To have guts, to take actions.

To share their experiences and to pass it on.

To support those values, I created Unfollowear.

The brand which represents the members.

And this brand is FREE.

Not free in a sense everybody will get to wear it.

Free in a sense, it is not for sale.

It is more like a reward system where people will earn and deserve to be flagships.

It might sounds snobby. It is not the intention.

The intention is that you WANT to wear this brand for what it represents.

For who you are.

The intention?

“The Desire To Inspire”
Join The Revolution –

3, 2, 1… ACTION!

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