December 11, 2018 Nick Bnns

Why New Year Resolutions are Failing you?

In this beginning of December, I wish you happy holidays.
December is synonym of snow, laughs, joy and good mood.
Although we get older as years pass and slowly like snow, laughs, joy and good mood fade away.
In 2018, snow struggles getting out of the shadows while the population starts revolting here and there.
With quite some impatience ans just like every year, January will come with our list of new resolutions.

Why ?

Why a new year should rhyme with rebirth?
Why not the end of this month, why not tomorrow?
This is the real question, why not tomorrow?
What if tomorrow was the last day of your life, would you wait January 1st to tell your partner, your kids, your parents how much you love them?
Would you wait January 1st to eat your Christmas turkey?
Would you wait January 1st to realize your dreams?
What if new year was not coming this year?
Or on the contrary, what is January 1st was coming EVERY SINGLE DAY?!
Would you actually live different?

Remember, you are your biggest limit. But you could big your biggest asset. 
What’s your pick?

3, 2, 1… ACTION!

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